Develop Hard Skills

Hey there student,

A great team of OB/HR students have created an online portal that will help you in developing "hard skills" to use in the workplace. The team called over 50 recent OB/HR grads and asked which skills would be most beneficial for an entry level position. They then created online "badges" that can be earned upon completing specific tasks and challenges. This is a resource for you to understand which skills are wanted and to entice your development in these skills. So sign up below and have some fun learning something new!

To gain access to these resources:
1) Create a passport account here: register
2) Confirm email address
3) Click and type in email address
4) Wait to be accepted by an administrator 
5) You should be good to go - click on the badges below to get started
6) If you have problems - contact Tyson at

***You will not be able to access the badges below unless you sign up at the link above.

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