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Assessment Specialist / Data Analyst - The RBL Group

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Assessment Specialist / Data Analyst
Part-time $13-$15 per hour (depending on experience and expertise)

This role offers the opportunity to work aside RBL’s world-renowned thought leaders and consultants, and be part of a dedicated team, contributing to Fortune 500 Company’s client projects.

The assessment and data specialist plays a crucial role in our client projects to globally build strong leadership and Talent, transform Human Resources, and shape & design organizations. We are looking for someone with the ability to learn systems quickly, someone with great interpersonal skills and a strong attention to detail. 
Refer to job description, Computer/Data analysis/Data analytics, Computer/Platforms /Apple iOS/Mac, Computer/Microsoft Office/Excel, Computer/Microsoft Office/Word, Computer/Microsoft Office/PowerPoint, Computer/Database systems/SQL
$13-$15 per hour (depending on experience and expertise)
Duties and Skills:

- Build custom surveys and reports
- Map custom survey items to standard questions for reports and report calculations
- Add in language translations for surveys and reports
- Detailed survey and report testing
- Problem solving skills for survey and survey report issues
- Work with systems vendors on survey and report customizations
- Develop expertise on three different survey systems and reporting capabilities for each
- Knowledge of coding to format text
- Create and maintain survey sub-admins
- Create manual reports in Word or PPT when needed
- Gather and organize past and present survey data
- Analyze raw data from surveys when needed, and create graphs, charts, or needed data cuts for consultant or project use.
- P /E ratio analysis
- Create instructional step-by-step processes on various new survey and report policy & procedures.
- Work with project coordinators, content designers, clients, and RBL vendors to meet client needs and improve processes
- Manage several projects at the same time

Technical Skills:

- Microsoft Office proficiency with Excel expertise
- SQL & HTML experience a plus
- Statistics experience a plus
- Editing experience a plus
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Kaylene Allsop

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