Monday, March 31, 2014

Contract Recruiter for USANA

Below is a message sent by Michael King - Executive Director of HR at USANA. For those of you that are interested in this position for the summer - please email your resume and a short description of why you are qualified for the position to Michael at

We are slammed right now with recruiting needs and I am hoping to try and find a temporary solution for the next three months or so to help my Generalists get through without pulling all their hair out. What I am envisioning is an individual that could partner with my team to help with sourcing and contacting candidates and possibly helping them to organize their time and efforts with some of the recruiting agencies we are using.  This would not be a traditional role of a recruiting agency, nor do I feel like it is long term enough to create a new FTE for us.  Are you aware of any individuals that are doing contract work similar to what I have described?  Or any recruiters out there that might be willing to try such a role?

Michael King

Executive Director of Human Resources
801-954-7756 Desk
801-649-7725 Mobile
USANA Health Sciences

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