Thursday, March 13, 2014

Business Internship with CH2M-WG IDAHO, LLC

Job Information

Date Posted: 3/06/14 Pay Type: Paid 

Description & Details

Various, Idaho
Engineering - Electrical, Engineering - Environmental, Engineering - Industrial, Engineering - Nuclear, Engineering - Other, Environment - Waste Management

Internship Work scope: Assignments are going to be multifaceted with a broad exposure to several of the CH2M-WG Idaho (CWI) business systems
1) Develop a set of metrics as well as real time report creation out of PeopleSoft to support the CWI supply chain organization utilization of the EM/NNSA Strategic Sourcing Partnership (SSP) tools and agreements, the Integrated Contractor Purchasing Team (ICPT) agreements, and the internal CWI procurement operations which readily identifies, captures, and reports cost savings and cost savings performance.
2) Develop and implement a property control inventory plan that meets the requirements of FAR 45-508.1.
Ability to utilize electronic business systems to retrieve data and translate that data into reports, plans, presentations, etc. that support sound business practices for CWI and the DOE.
Ability to identify formal requirements from multiple sources for applicability and translate those requirements into plans, presentations, and recommended actions going forward.
Majority of the work scope takes place in an office environment however, occasional travel to the CWI warehouses and property laydown yards located in town and at the ICP site will be required.
Eligibility Criteria
Students must meet the following eligibility requirements and if not, they will not be considered for an internship at CWI.
  • U. S. citizenship or Permanent Resident Alien status
  • Eighteen years of age
  • Approval for access to the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) by the INL Office of Personnel Security
  • Full-time student with good academic standing at an accredited college or university studying science, engineering, technology, or professional discipline related to the CWI mission; preference is given to students who have completed their sophomore year
  • Nominated by an academic advisor for an internship that links career goals, educational interests and abilities with needs of CWI.
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Contact Information:
Wilma Walz
Alumnus: No 

Application Qualifications

Desired Attributes The following attributes are desired for this position.
  • Desired Major/Concentration: MSM-undergrad-Business Management, MSM-undergrad-BusM: Global Supply Chain Mgmt, MSM-undergrad-General Business

How To Apply

To apply for an internship, send an email to with the following attached:
- Your Resume
- Letter of recommendation from an academic advisor
- Most current transcript
Applications for this position will be accepted between 3/06/14 and 3/25/14.

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