Monday, February 3, 2014

HR Assistant with the Harold B. Lee Library


The Harold B Lee Library has a position open for a student HR assistant (20 hrs a week). This job will give the student that is chosen valuable experience in the HR field. Just from my experience at the library, I have been able to interview for HR positions/internships with companies like: Goldman Sachs, Zion’s Bank, LA Clippers, Smucker’s, Melaleuca, Vivint and a few others.  Students in the past who have held this position were able to get HR jobs at Citi Corp (ß he is now going to Amazon), Disney, Aramark, and a few other places. I am leaving to work for Vivint Solar on the corporate side in HR and Recruiting.

The following are some of the things they would do:
·         Process employee hires, terminations, and pay raises
·         Assist in the hiring process of faculty (job announcements, advertising, etc.)
·         Conduct New Employee Orientations
·         Design and create presentations
·         Analyze reports
·         Resolve student policy issues/questions
·         Review and update library organizational charts
·         Communicate with other University HR managers
·         Create and maintain upkeep of Excel databases
·         Create fliers to advertise faculty/administration trainings
·         Coordinate meetings/conferences/recognition end-of-year party

The list above only touches on some of the things that this position does. There are a lot of other skills that will be involved. Longevity is preferred so anyone is a Freshman/Sophomore (or Juniors that know they will be super-seniors) would be great! Also if they have some computer skills as well (i.e. Excel) that would also be fantastic.  Like I said before, this is an extremely great opportunity to get your foot in the door and get some great experience. Anyone who is interested is welcome to apply be clicking here: 

The posting will close this Sunday.

Also if they want to contact me with any questions they have about the position, my information is below my name. They are welcome to call or email me.

Sharon Wilcken

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