Thursday, January 23, 2014

Human Resources Intern - MicroBenefits China

Job Information

Date Posted: 1/23/14 Pay Type: Paid Opportunity Type: Internship Job Status: Full-Time

Description & Details

China, China

Job Function: 
Human Resources, International



Design, develop, and write compelling internal and external newsletters (including good HR practices, company activities, legal opinions and case studies) to engage and educate employees.
Conduct external market research on employee engagement and share on company platform (white papers, articles, and thoughts).
Assist in the management of all employee activities, organization of HR webinars, social events, newsletters, press releases etc. and prepare public speaking presentations.
Assist in the management of the Company's presence including company culture, key values, and structural design.

Qualifications Include:

Good design skill, excellent article writing skill, good taste
Clever, ambitious, creative and able to innovate
Excellent communication skills in verbal and written form
Fluent English and Mandarin
We improve the relationship between blue-collar factory workers and white-collar management. We build loyalty, trust, and communication.
That means:
-workers love us because we increase their quality of life
-Management loves us because we lower their turnover rates and, consequently, their costs
-we love ourselves because we have awesome jobs that make a posi-tive impact while still delivering value
Everyone loves us. Seriously, who can say that? Welcome to Micro Benefits.

Internship/Co-op opportunity
Contact Information:
Ballard Center | Internship Coordinator
Phone: 208.251.7761
Alumnus: No 

How To Apply

To apply, send your resume to the following email address:
Additional Offline Application Instructions
For ANY questions or inquiries, please reach out to Vivian Chang at
To apply email your resume to Learn more at
Applications for this position will be accepted between 1/23/14 and 5/11/14.

Offline Applications Accepted

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