Monday, October 7, 2013

Business Manager of Hobble Creek Learning Center

The business manager is responsible for establishing policies to run the preschool, for appointing the appropriate staff members to carry out the directives and for explaining the policies to parents. Creating and maintaining a budget is a major responsibility for the business manager. This includes setting fees for children to participate in the preschool’s programs. Making sure the preschool facilities are cleaned and maintained in accordance with state regulations is also part of the manager’s daily duties. The school must be ready for health inspections at any time. The manager oversees teaching staff and helps them find necessary resources for curriculum development. S/he also hires support staff, such as janitors, and secretaries to ensure the smooth operation of the facility. Meeting with parents is another crucial component of the preschool manager’s job. S/he gives periodic evaluations of each child’s progress, and deals with children having behavioral problems.

A preschool business manager needs strong organizational skills and planning abilities. S/he must have strong oral and written communication skills to manage the staff. Those same communications skills are necessary when working with parents and the community. The manager must possess the leadership skills necessary to carry out the policies she establishes.

Salary and Job Outlook

The salary is non-negotiable at $36,000 per year in the first year with a bonus potential of $20,000 if pre-school budget targets are met.  

Background and Experience
The Preschool Director needs to have a four-year degree along with management experience or a degree in management.  Training and/or experience in non-profit management is preferred.  Early childhood education experience is a plus.  

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