Tuesday, March 5, 2013

HR Internship with CitiGroup LATAM (Florida, New York)

Miami, Florida
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tampa, Florida
New York City, New York

Finance/Banking - Corporate Finance, Finance/Banking - Financial Services/Planning, Finance/Banking - Investment Banking, Finance/Banking - Other, Finance/Banking - Venture Capital

Job Function: 
Account Management/Planning, Accounting/Auditing, Administration, Administrative/Support Services, Bookkeeping, Brand Management, Business Development, Data Management, Economic/Community Development, Event Planning, Human Resources, Information Management/MIS, Management, Marketing, Operations, Product Management, Project Management, Risk Management/Assessment, Sales, Supply Chain Management/Logistics

Internship Program Description:
Our Internship Program is designed to offer students exposure and experience on how a professional financial organization operates within Latin America. The program focuses on providing interns with significant challenges, varying daily operational requirements, and opportunity for creativity, resourcefulness, and excellence.

Additionally you will:
Gain experience through involvement in real world projects
Obtain global exposure, learning how a global company functions
Learn by working in a positive environment where your ideas are welcomed and encouraged

Periods Available:
Fall: July - December
Spring: January - June

Interns are required to work 40 hours per week (9am-6pm).
Interns must be enrolled in a class during the internship.
Interns must be of Junior or Senior status.

Possible Location(s):
Miami, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tampa, FL
New York, NY

$50,000 yearly salary prorated
$55,000 (NY only) yearly salary prorated

Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Computer Science, Management, Spanish, Human Resources, Business, Engineering

Central America
South America

Application Instructions:
  1. In order to apply for this position, the student needs to go to: https://www.citi.gtios.com/index.asp and register with the website.
  2. The student may then proceed to apply for the job by searching for the job vacancy. Use the below fields to search for the job vacancy.  Application region-US  Business Division-Cross Franchise  Program-Placement Analyst  Business Area-Citi LATAM Internship Program.  Location-LATAM Regional Office
  3. After entering this criteria the student will be directed to the webpage below: https://www.citi.gtios.com/Vacancy/Search/PreLogonSearchPostedResults.asp

Also Please Submit Resume on eRecruiting
Deadline Date April 26, 2013 at 11:59 pm
(students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as Managers may make decisions as resumes are submitted)

Contact Information:
sarah myers | human resources coordinator intern
Phone: (954) 958-8204
Alumnus: No

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