Thursday, May 3, 2012

Change Management Intern with LDS Church (Riverton, UT)

6 Month Internship

We’re a small team looking for a self-motivated and eager individual to join us to help ensure that modifications, additions or removals of IT hardware/software disruptions to service are minimized as much as possible for our customers.

Change Coordinators Duties (CC):
·       Responsible for managing change records within the HP Service Manager tool
·       Ensures that the seven “R’s” of the Change Management process are answered in every Change record
1.     Who RAISED the Change?
2.     What is the REASON for the change?
3.     What Return will the Change deliver?
4.     What Risks are there if we do or do not carry out this Change
5.     What Resources will be required to perform this Change?
6.     Who is Responsible for this Change being performed?
7.     What Relationships are there between this and other Changes?

Record meets the Change process standards:
·       Record is accurate and complete
·       All required documentation is attached to the record (As defined per Change Management process) to include
-        Plans
-        Approvals
-        Test results
-        Communications
-        Impact analysis

·       Ensure that all necessary testing has taken place based on the risk and impact of the change
·       Ensure impacted customers, impacted CIs owners and service desk have been notified of the change
·       Ensure that all plans are complete and feasible
·       Ensures Post Implementation Review (PIR) is conducted for all failed changes as described by the Change Management Standards
·       Manage Change record through Change Management lifecycle
·       Provides input to the process manager/owner for process improvement
·       Escalates to the Change Manager any issues for changes (As defined per Change Management process)
·       Maintains technical skills necessary to competently fulfill Change Coordinator responsibilities
·       Prepare monthly reports for the changes managed
·       Provide backup to other Change Coordinators as appropriate

Change Coordinator Qualifications/Experience:
Minimum 1 years’ experience working in an enterprise IT environment (Desired)
Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or IT related field (Required)
Working knowledge of ITIL v3 Service Transition (Desired)
ITIL v3 Foundations Certified (Desired)
Strong business acumen (Desired)
Leadership experience (Desired)
Proficient with MS Excel (Required)
Strong attention to detail (Required)

How to Apply:
Alison Gray
Campus Recruiter - Human Resource
(801) 240-4362 - p
(801) 995-5175 - m

Information & Communication Systems Department
3740 Market Center Drive 
Riverton, UT 84065-8026




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