Thursday, February 23, 2012

Paid HR Consulting internship - On Song - Provo, UT

NOTE: the correct email address is, we had previously posted the wrong email address, so if you tried it and it didn't work, that is why.

(note from hiring manager)
I am putting together an HR Consulting model and process for a
Non-profit organization in Ghana. They see a business need for better
HR processes. The hopes are that with better talent development and
organization companies will succeed while the youth will better
contribute to society.

I am looking for some eager and detail oriented individuals who can
help put together the HR toolkit for these companies. I will share the
business case for HR in small companies and the audit we created to
identify potential needs and coach the students in the practical
application of HR strategy. The students will gather together best
practice processes and forms to create this toolkit and I will help to
organize the toolkit and tie it to the audit. The project will end in
3 weeks from today.

After the consulting model is created for the Ghanaian companies,  we
will refine it and use it with small to medium sized businesses in
Utah. Students who are interested can then be mentored to use the
consulting process locally and depending on initiative can create for
themselves a job in strategic HR here in Utah.

The interested individuals will need to have a strong analytical mind
and a high level of proficiency with numbers. They will also need to
have a good understanding of HR processes or contacts to enough
professionals in the field to access resources and information as
needed. Long term opportunity is available to those who demonstrate
creative and effective problem solving skills and who think
systemically. Feel free to visit our website to learn
more about our organization and philosophy.

Please feel free to ask any questions and if interested send an email
with available times for a visit and a current resume to
David Gilliland

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