Thursday, February 23, 2012

HR Clerk - supplemental health care - Park City, UT

Job Functions:
·         Management of unemployment
·         Management of monthly company newsletter
·         Management of company garnishments according to company, state and federal guidelines
·         Administration of monthly department meetings
·         Administers the company anniversary program according to company policies
·         Administration of annual performance appraisals
·         Administration of department mail
·         Oversees the management of verifications of employment via The Work Number
·         Provides immediate and detailed feedback for all requests
·         Other duties as assigned

Minimum Skills, Knowledge & Talents:

·         Must be adept in use of MS Office, particularly Excel and Word; and ideally Great Plains and HR Office
·         Must have a willingness to learn and change with the organization
·         Maintain a mature problem-solving attitude under stressful conditions
·         Excellent organizational skills
·         Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with team members
·         Strong attention to detail
·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills
·         Ability to prioritize
·         Ability to maintain a great degree of confidence
·         Office administration experience is required; HR experience preferable

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