Thursday, February 23, 2012

Associate Consulting Intern - in developing companies

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Opportunity Type: Internship Job Status: Full-Time

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Description & Details

Provo, Utah

Consulting - Strategic/Change Management, Consulting - Technology

As an Associate Consultant Intern at Fairbourne Consulting, you will assist in designing and implementing effective business plans for microfranchises in developing countries.  You will work with a team to solve business problems in areas such as strategy, operations, or program implementation. 

This requires:
* Problem solving:  International business consulting is all about finding solutions to the most vexing problems in the world's most challenging markets.
* Creativity:  As a new and innovative consulting firm, we value creativity and new ideas which will fuel the growth of the company.
* Passion:  We look for candidates who show enthusiasm for solving problems and delivering meaningful results.


Applicants must have strong academic backgrounds, analytical skills, a high motivation level, and enjoy a good game of ping-pong.

We welcome applicants from all majors.

Submit:  resume and cover letter on eRecruiting
Deadline date:  March 14, 2012 @11:59pm

Contact Information:
Ryan Caplin

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