Thursday, December 22, 2011

Great opportunities for internships/full-time with Employer Solutions Group


We just posted an unpaid internship on the Marriott School's site for an outplacement specialist here at ESG.  This would be a really great experience for someone looking for some HR experience to help in getting that summer internship.  Also, we will shortly be opening up recruiting for someone to take over my current position as HR Assistant, so feel free to let students know about these opportunities, especially those looking for jobs in Utah.  If you know of someone who might be interested in either one or both of these opportunities, they can call or email me at 801-223-7007 and to find out more. 

Happy Holidays,

Mac Alsbury
Human Resources Assistant

4844 North 300 West Suite 100
Provo, Utah 84604
Phone: 801.223.7007
Fax: 801.431.7880
Owner surveys state that one of the most distracting and time consuming problems with operating a business today is government regulations and red tape. ESG is a professional employer organization (PEO). We design individual programs that enable you to control administration costs associated with payroll, employee benefits, worker's compensation, state and federal unemployment and regulatory compliance.

Working under the concept of "economies of scale," we are able to pool small businesses into one large "employment umbrella" and pass back the savings. You and ESG now become co-employers. ESG becomes the "employer of record" for administrative purposes while you remain the "worksite employer". Together we strive to help your employees become more productive and efficient by boosting morale and providing access to better benefits. The only thing that will change for you is that you will experience fewer headaches, less stress and greater focus while your employees achieve better morale and increased productivity!

We have a number of services that are designed to save you money, such as a 125 (C) Cafeteria tax savings plan. We also provide discounted worker's compensation insurance through A+ rated companies. Our employee benefits, which include medical, dental, vision and several other insurance programs, are purchased in large volume. This translates into more comprehensive coverage at very competitive rates.

Our combined strength allows us to offer your employees advantages that in the past have been available only to large corporations.

Through co-employment assistance, we help companies:
*  Attract and retain good employees through Fortune 500-level benefit packages

*  Develop and support a proactive, employee-friendly company culture

*  Reduce worker's compensation insurance cost

*  Provide complete risk management administration

*  Dramatically reducing government "red tape" while maintaining regulatory compliance at both the federal and state levels

*  Reduce employee litigation exposure
Eliminate payroll administration and liability


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